What makes Cloudlinux become great Operating System?

What makes Cloudlinux become great Operating System?

CloudLinux improves the server stability by encapsulating each client in a secure, isolated environment.

What is Cloudlinux?

A dedicated or VPS server is built with basic combinations of resources, which include disk space, bandwidth, CPU. These resources can be allocated on a per user basis or per package basis. There are specific server resources you may want to control as well, such as CPU, disk I/O and bad MySQL queries. This is where Cloud Linux benefits are seen, allowing you to set these specific limits on a per user basis by creating a virtual environment for each individual account.

CloudLinux improves the server stability by encapsulating each client in a secure, isolated environment. It means that each user on the server is limited by a number of resources it can use, being placed in so-called ‘container’ (separated operating environment). See how it works here. cPanel team also recommend using this software to increase security and performance for all cPanel server.

Available Add-ons with Cloudlinux

There are a number of add-ons available for Cloud Linux, making server administration even easier. Here are a few of the available options:

CageFS – A selection of tools available for users to prevent hackers from scanning for vulnerable files, preventing users from viewing server configuration files, allowing the administrator to manage users easily and integrate seamlessly with cPanel.
PHP Selector – This allows you to select the version of PHP running on your server, plus the option to enable and disable specific PHP modules.
MySQL and I/O Governors – These give the server administrator more flexibility and control over CPU, RAM, MySQL, I/O with the ability to add throttles on a per server and per user basis.

What makes Cloudlinux become great option?

Cloud Linux is designed to protect the shared server. If one site on the server is maximizing resources, everyone suffers, and Cloud Linux solves that problem.

The benefits of Cloudlinux

  • Isolates the users from each other to avoid ‘neighbor effect’.
  • Prevents users from seeing configuration files or any other private information.
  • Allows to monitor and control limits, such as CPU, RAM and I/O usage.
  • Monitors and operates MySQL usage.
  • Provides CageFS file system, that uniquely encapsulates each customer.
  • Allows end users to select PHP versions.
  • Prevents symbolic links attacks compatible with all major control panel.

There are a number of other benefits to adding Cloud Linux to our shared server, but it is difficult to cover them all as server requirements can vary drastically. In our experience, clients and administrators are happier with Cloudlinux as apart of their servers software infrastructure. Wanna to use Cloudlinux? You can trial our Web Hosting plans or Reseller Hosting.

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