Transfer a website to new hosting provider avoid downtime

Transfer a website to new hosting provider avoid downtime

Transfer a website to another hosting provider happens sometimes because of your bad experience with the old hosting provider. HOSTNAME.CLUB suggest some tips prevent downtime and get your website work 24/7.

Follow a correct way to transfer your site

From our experience when transferring many customer websites (free migration service has included with all our customers), there are a few steps you should do:

  1. Backup your databases
  2. Copy to new server
  3. Test website on new server
  4. Update DNS records

Test after transferring your site

To see how the website works on a new server in step 3, we suggest you edit your local file hosts with your new server IP address and domain name on Windows Operating system. To update this file it requires using administrator privilege and a third party editing software like Notepad++.

DNS resolve

Usually creating A record which points to web server has a faster update time more than updating a standard DNS (like A provider where you purchase a domain name service in almost case always provides a free DNS service.

After updating your DNS, you also can check it via – a powerful and simple tool for checking important DNS records, including A, CNAME and MX records.

Update database

During this transfer, we highly recommend you don’t update your database like posting a new thread, topic or manage comments. Because if you do that, that’s necessary to update your database again after your test has been finished.

Most Comment Issues

Your site on new server does not run well

Do not update your DNS. Just ask your hosting provider to help you fix it. At HOSTNAME.CLUB we still provide a free support for this kind of issue.

Your old and new site are not the same database

You need to re-update database (and files, if needed), but after you update DNS. One more thing, you need to temporary ‘close’ your site on an old server. DNS usually take around 24-48 hours to get the same result to all DNS servers in the world when resolving a domain name.

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